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Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Pancake Friday - Watermelon Pancakes

Good Morning!  My pancakes for the last two weeks were Father's Day Pancakes and Cincinnati Reds / Mr. Redlegs Pancakes.  I hope you were able to surprise your dad with a fun breakfast.

This week, I am going back to summer themed pancakes with watermelon pancakes.

These pancakes were easy and fun to decorate.  You could even let your kids decorate them.

I used one large round pancake, cut it in half, and then decorated it using strawberry jam, kiwi, and chocolate chips.

If you are going for a summer themed breakfast, also try my ice cream cone pancakes.

Have a great day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun Pancake Friday - Cincinnati Reds Pancake / Mr. Redlegs Pancake

We are Cincinnati Reds fans in my household.  My kids' favorite person on the team?  Mr. Redlegs.

This is my daughter and Mr. Redlegs when he made a surprise visit to a park.
This year I am wearing this Mr. Redlegs t-shirt to the games


I love my t-shirt.  I also think that it would make a great pancake.  So today, my t-shirt is my inspiration for my Cincinnati Reds / Mr. Redlegs Pancakes.

How to make a Mr. Redlegs Pancake
1. Create three round pancakes

2. Cut two of your pancakes like the ones shown. (One for the mustache and one for the hat)

3. Place one round pancake on a plate

4. Use some pancake scraps to prop up the hat

5. Add the second pancake as a hat

6. Use your third pancake as the mustache.  (Flip one side of the pancake over and trim them to make the mustache.)

7. Spread Nutella on the mustache and rim of the hat

8. Slice some strawberries and place them on the hat in stripes

9. Use whipped cream to create the white stripes

10. At this point, you have a completed Mr. Redlegs Pancake, or you can add some eyes

I also dyed some of my batter red and created a Reds logo pancake with a red pancake and some whipped cream.

This pancake would be perfect for any Reds fan, but it would also be a fun surprise to make for Father's Day for a dad who is a Reds fan.  Check out last week's Father's Day pancakes for some other great ideas for Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  And a special Father's Day to my husband!  You are the best father, and our kids are really lucky to have you!

Have a great weekend! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun Pancake Friday - Father's Day Pancakes

Update: My Father's Day Pancakes are featured on the Zak! Designs blog.  Check it out here.

Good Morning!  Father's Day is on the 16th this year, but I wanted to show you some Father's Day pancakes a week early.  (Next week I will show you the special Cincinnati Reds pancakes I am making for Father's Day)

This week, I created four pancakes.  One huge mustache pancake and 3 father's face pancakes.

How to create your mustache pancake:
1. Create a round pancake

2. Cut the pancake in two using an S cut

3. Flip one side over and position like a mustache

4. Add Nutella (or whatever topping you choose) to give the mustache some character

Any dad would love this mustache pancake on Father's Day, but I thought it would also be fun to come up with some pancake faces.

For this one I used two pancakes (one for the face and one for the mustache) and then used Nutella for the hair and mustache, and berries for the nose and eyes.

For this pancake I used Nutella for the hair, strawberries for the mouth, blueberries for the eyes, and a kiwi slice for the nose.

This last father face uses berries for the eyes and mouth, and whipped cream for the nose and hair.

These father faces were simple and fun to make.  The ideas are endless, and it would be cute to see how your kids create their dad on a pancake.  Make sure you treat the dads in your life to breakfast in bed on Father's Day.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun Pancake Friday - Ice Cream Cone Pancakes and School Bus Pancakes

It is the end of the school year!  I can't believe how fast the year has flown (remember the first day of school pictures?) And what did my daughter want for breakfast for her last day of school?  Fun Pancakes of course!  Today I am showing you 2 fun pancakes.

The first is an Ice Cream Cone Pancake

The second is a School Bus Pancake

First, I will show you how to make the Ice Cream Cone Pancake.  I found this pancake idea on the blog The Iowa Farmer's Wife, and thought it would be the perfect pancake to kick off summer.  All you need is a pancake, a banana, whipped cream, and a berry.

1. Create a round pancake
2. Cut the pancake to create a cone shape
3. Slice a banana and place the banana slices at the top to create the ice cream
4. Add some whipped cream
5. Finish off the pancake with a berry.  We used a raspberry here, but any berry, or even a cherry, would look great too.

Next is the School Bus Pancake.  This was a request from my nephew for his last day of school.  (Remember the Spider-Man Pancakes he requested a few weeks ago?)  For this pancake you will need blueberries, a red chocolate candy, Nutella, and whipped cream.

1. Using one round pancake, cut out a rectangle
2. Use one of the scraps to cut out a smaller rectangle
3. Place the smaller rectangle in the front of the larger one
4. Use some small blueberries to create wheels
5. Add a red chocolate candy for the stop sign
6. Use Nutella to give the school bus some detail
7. Use whipped cream for the door and windows

You could also use this process to make truck pancakes.  (That is what my daughter said it looked like when I showed her.)

Whether you are celebrating the last day of school or the first day of summer, both of these pancakes would be fun to have for breakfast.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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