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Monday, March 25, 2013

Organize - Kid's Snack / Kitchen Drawer

Update: My kid's snack drawer was featured in 16 Home Organizing Ideas on  Check it out here.

At the beginning of 2013 I made a list of 13 To Dos for 2013.  One item on that list was to create a kids drawer in the kitchen.  My daughter has always been an awesome helper, but she especially likes to help set the table.  In the past, all of our plates, utensils, and cups were stored higher than she could reach.  She has been asking me for months to put them lower so she could get things by herself.

So, to help my little lady be more independent, I finally created a kid's snack / kitchen drawer for her.  I chose a drawer that was at her level and was currently holding items that could be relocated elsewhere.  Here is the before picture:

This drawer was holding a casserole dish, aprons, dishtowels, bibs, napkins, and place mats.

The first thing I did was move those items to other places and clean the drawer.  (more posts on the relocated items will come later)  Then, I collected all the items I wanted to put in her drawer, noted the drawer's dimensions, and set off to find bins to fit.  After a few stops, and many drawer rearrangements, here is the after:

I found all my bins at a Dollar Tree with the exception of the box (an old oatmeal box) and jars (leftover mason jars) that hold the kiddie utensils.  Here is the breakdown of our drawer.

Bin #1 - Sandwich boxes and kiddie bowls
Bin #2 - Lunch bags
Bin #3 - Plate storage
Bin #4 - Kiddie utensils
Bin #5 - Kiddie cups and snack bowls
Bin #6 - Parent approved snacks (Bananas, applesauce, freeze dried fruit, raisins, and crackers)

I am loving my daughter's new independence in the kitchen, and she has really loved being able to set her own place at the table, as well as, get herself a drink or snack without having to ask me for help. 

Let's take a look at the before and after again.

So, now I can cross one thing (well a 1/2 thing I guess) off my list.

1.  Help my daughter learn how to read
2.  Take a fun vacation
3.  Explore new places within our city
4.  An apple a day - Eat cleaner/improve eating habits
5.  Improve my meal planning process
6.  Organize kitchen cabinets and create a kids drawer
7.  Create a home command center with a calendar that works for us
8.  Rearrange our living room and create a gallery wall
9.  Improve the entry space for better shoe/coat/hat storage
10.  Create a cleaning schedule
11.  Figure out a solution for my kids' artwork
12.  Set up a system to help my daughter get ready by herself in the morning
13.  Organize photo storage and catch up on photo albums

Good thing I still have plenty of this year left to accomplish the rest of the items on my list.

Have a great day!

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